Mapping Movement

JG do you remember1

Do You Remember It  – Or Weren’t You There?
@ London Gallery West, University of Westminster, Middlesex
31 January – 3 March 2013
Mapping Blindfold Slip,  graphite and carbon on paper, 42 x 29 cm each.
The three time-based drawings in this group exhibition, curated by Cally Trench and Philip Lee, are a response to Philip’s three performances, ‘Blindfold Slip I’ (The Old Truman Brewery, London), ‘Blindfold Slip II’ (The Nunnery, London) and ‘Blindfold Slip III’ (Stone Squid Experimental Art Space, Hastings) in 2010. My work attempts to record the virtual trajectory of his body moving in time and space through seismic-like marks on the paper. The marks are made ‘blind’, without looking at the paper, as my eyes track the nuances of Philip’s movement throughout the one-hour duration of the performances.


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