Traction talks art and science

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Traction Magazine talks art and science with artist Jane Grisewood

interviewEd by editor SUSIE PENTELOW

Region of the Stars

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Artist-in-Residence at CTIO, La Serena and Cerro Tololo, Chile
5 – 27 November 2012
The residency at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO) headquarters in La Serena and observatories in the Andes followed the equally awe-inspiring Kitt Peak and Tucson experience in May (view The Blackest Black post ). Here, most of my observing was with the naked eye or digital camera under the immense starry southern hemisphere skies, highlighted one night by the dramatic Leonid meteors that split the sky with lines of light. The residency coincided with CTIO’s 50th Anniversary event and launch of the remarkable Dark Energy Camera (DECam) on the mountain. It was incredible to witness the first images coming from the DECam, the world’s most powerful digital camera, which is undertaking the largest survey of the southern skies to record information from millions of galaxies, billions of light years away, in the hunt for dark energy. The observing and the discussions with scientists and engineers on both residences have had a radical impact on my art practice and my way of ‘seeing’ the world. To view further information and images Click: