Aether #2 Berlin

Aether #2 Berlin @ Jarvis Dooney Galerie, Berlin
20 February – 2 April 2016

Aether, co-curated by Melanie King, Louise Beer and gallery owner Michael Dooney, brought together 14 international artists who share a fascination with the universe and beyond.  Using various methods of photography they explore relationships between astronomy, matter, time and space.
Exhibitors: Louise Beer, Lauren Franklin, Michaela French, Jane Grisewood, Katie Goodwin, Osheen Harruthoonyan, Jaden Hastings, Barry W. Hughes, Melanie King, Clare Krouzecky, Casey Moore, Sophy Rickett, Kate Robertson, Maija Tammi.
My Black Light: Eclipse print sequence traces the moon crossing the sun during an annular solar eclipse, taken on 20 May 2012, 17:31pm to 8:38pm, at the McMath-Pierce solar telescope on Kitt Peak while artist-in-residence at NOAO, Arizona, USA.
Nine Giclee prints (30 x 24cm), edition of ten.

Aether #1

image001 Aether @ UAL Showroom gallery, London
15 April – 5 July 2015

Exhibiting Black Light: Eclipse with co-curators Melanie King and Louise Beer, along with Robert Bell, Jon Clair, Jared Davis, Sarah Fontais, Lauren Franklin, Jaden Hastings, David Moore, Lara Morrell and Sophy Rickett. The print sequence  traces the moon crossing the sun during an annular solar eclipse on 20 May 2012, 17:31pm to 8:38pm, at the McMath-Pierce solar telescope on Kitt Peak while artist-in-residence at NOAO, Arizona, Nine Giclee prints (30 x 24cm), edition of 10.

Obscuring the Light

JG obscuring light1

Winter Print Show @ North House Gallery, Manningtree, Essex
1 December 2012 – 19 January 2013
Black Light: Eclipse, exhibited at North House Gallery, include two series, each of nine prints in editions of ten (30x24cm / 66x54cm), Giclee printed on 300gsm Somerset paper. The sequence of photographic prints traces the moon crossing the disc of the sun during an annular solar eclipse. The images were taken on 20 May 2012, 17:31pm to 8:38pm, at the McMath-Pierce solar telescope on Kitt Peak while I was artist-in-residence at NOAO (National Optical Astronomy Observatory), Arizona, USA.

View earlier Black Light post for artist book.

Region of the Stars

JG region of stars1
JG region of stars1a JG region of stars2 JG region of stars3

Artist-in-Residence at CTIO, La Serena and Cerro Tololo, Chile
5 – 27 November 2012
The residency at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO) headquarters in La Serena and observatories in the Andes followed the equally awe-inspiring Kitt Peak and Tucson experience in May (view The Blackest Black post ). Here, most of my observing was with the naked eye or digital camera under the immense starry southern hemisphere skies, highlighted one night by the dramatic Leonid meteors that split the sky with lines of light. The residency coincided with CTIO’s 50th Anniversary event and launch of the remarkable Dark Energy Camera (DECam) on the mountain. It was incredible to witness the first images coming from the DECam, the world’s most powerful digital camera, which is undertaking the largest survey of the southern skies to record information from millions of galaxies, billions of light years away, in the hunt for dark energy. The observing and the discussions with scientists and engineers on both residences have had a radical impact on my art practice and my way of ‘seeing’ the world. To view further information and images Click:

Black Light

JG blacklight bookThe London Art Book Fair @ the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
21 – 23 September 2012

  • Acquired by:
    Tate Library Collection, London
    Chelsea College of Arts Collection, London
    Leeds Art Library, Leeds
    MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) Collection, New York
    Skillman Art Library, Lafayette, Pennsylvania
    MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art), Barcelona
    Clark Art Institute, Massachusetts
  • Selected for KALEID 2013 curated exhibition of 50 artists’ books from European-based artists by an international jury from MoMA Library, USA, V&A Museum, UK and Frans Masereel Centrum, Belgium

Black Light reflects on the experience of observing and photographing the annular solar eclipse on 20 May 2012 at the McMath-Pierce solar telescope while artist-in-residence at Kitt Peak and the National Optical Astronomy Observatory, Arizona, USA.
30 pages; concertina format; 15 x 11 cm folded /15 x 165 cm unfolded; sequence of 11 photographs with time taken; edition of 30; produced by Book Works, London